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Trichoderma Viride

Trichoderma Biofertilizer for plants
Trichoderma Biofertilizer for plants

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Trichoderma viride fungicide is an eco-friendly biological fungicide containing Mycoparasitic Fungi Trichoderma viride spores and conidia with 2 X 108 colony forming units (CFU) per gram.









When introduced along with seeds or in the root zone, Trichoderma protects the seedlings from attacks by soil-borne pathogens causing root / collar / stem rots, wilts, damping offs, leaf blights spots, etc. and promoting healthy growth in early crop stages.

Vigorous growth of the biological fungicide Trichoderma viride overshadows the pathogenic fungi that are overwhelmed and prevented from infecting crops. We can be suppressed and regulated by various methods before pathogens attempt infection by germinating seeds or roots.

We have evolved various mechanisms to target other fungi as well as to promote plant and root growth such as: mycoparasitic, antibiosis.

Stress tolerance through the enhanced root and plant production, inorganic nutrient solubilisation, and sequestration, induced resistance Inactivation of pathogens enzymes by secreting some stimulating substance from plant growth.


1. Improves yield and product quality.

2. Improves the rate of germination.

3. Increase in shoot & root length stabilizing various insoluble types of phosphates improve nitrogen fixation.

4. Foster good development in the early stages of cultivation.

5. Increase the production of dry matter considerably;

6. Provides long-term natural immunity to crops and soil.

7. Eliminate the use of toxic and hazardous chemicals.

8. Presentation: Liquid preparation.

9. Precautions.

10. Do not use chemical fungicide after application of Trichoderma for 4-5 days.

Do not store treated / coated seeds for
more than 24 hours

Recommended Crops:

Trichoderma is used to protect crops such as cauliflower, cotton, tobacco, soybean, sugarcane, sugarbeet, eggplant, red gram, Bengal gram, banana, tomato, chilli, cabbage, citrus, onion, groundnut, peas, sunflower, brinjal, coffee, tea, ginger, turmeric, pepper, betel vine, cardamom.

Shelf Life: 12 months.


Trichoderma is organic manure compliant. It is compatible with bio fertilizers such as Rhizobiom, Azospirillum, Bacillus subtilis, and Phosphobacteria, Trichoderma may be added to metalaxyl or thiram, but not mercurial seeds.