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Cow Dung Manure

Cow Dung Manure, Cow Manure Compost
Cow Dung Manure

Cow Dung Manure

We are dealing in the Cow Dung Manure known to improve the soil's natural fertility. In turn, this form of manure strengthens the crops and keeps the plant healthy and disease-free. Because of our large production capacity, even the Cow Dung Manure's bulk orders can be timely handled.










Form Raw Cow dung
Additives No additives are added
Packaging 25 kgs or 20 kgs bags
Analytical report Yes
Lead Time Maximum 5 days from Payment confirmation
Payment Terms Advance TT / Irrevocable LC at Sight

Cow Dung Fertilizer :

The Benefits of Cow Manure Compost

In many rural areas, the use of cattle manure or cow dung, is a popular practice in the garden. This type of manure is not only nitrogen-rich, it also with other organic materials; however, when the fresh manure is applied directly, the high levels of ammonia can burn plants. On the other side, composted cow manure can provide the garden with numerous benefits.

What is Cow Manure Made Up of?

Digested grass and grain are basically made from cattle manure. Cow dung is abundant with organic and nutrient-rich materials. It contains approximately 3% of nitrogen, 2% of phosphorus and 1% of potassium (3-2-1 NPK).
Additionally, cow manure contains high ammonia levels and potentially hazardous pathogens. That's why cow manure as fertilizer usually dried and composed for manure usage.

Do not store treated / coated seeds for
more than 24 hours

Benefits of Cow Manure Compost

There are several advantages of composting cow manure. Composted cow manure will add generous amounts of organic matter to your soil in addition to removing toxic ammonia gas and pathogens (such as E. coli), as well as weed seeds. By mixing this compost in the soil, you can improve its capacity for moisture retention. It helps you to water less often, as plant roots can use the extra water and nutrients whenever necessary. It will also boost aeration, which will help break down compacted soils.

Composted cow manure often contains beneficial bacteria that turn nutrients into easily accessible forms so that they can be released gradually without burning the roots of the plant. Cow manure composting often creates about one-third fewer greenhouse gases, rendering it environmentally friendly.

Cow Dung Manure

Composting Cow Manure

For garden plants, composted cow manure fertilizer is an excellent growing source. Cow manure becomes a nutrient-rich fertilizer when converted into compost and fed to plants and vegetables. It can be blended or used as a top dressing in the ground. Many bins or piles of composting are within easy reach of the yard.

In addition to the usual organic products from vegetable matter, garden dust, etc., heavy manures such as cow dung should be supplemented with lighter materials such as straw or hay.

The size of your bin or heap is an important consideration when composting cow manure. It will not provide enough heat if it is too small, which is necessary for the composting process. But, it may be too large and the pile won't get enough space. It is therefore necessary to turn the pile frequently.

Composted manure contributes substantial amounts of organic material to the soil. You will improve the overall quality of your soil and produce healthy, vigorous plants with the application of cow manure fertilizer.