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Royal Palm Trees

royal palm trees for sale
royal palm trees for sale

Royal Palm Trees

Our royal palm tree is perfect for giving your yard that "A slice of paradise!" These trees are impressive specimens that are worth the way they stand out.









Characteristics to look for include :

  • Royal palm trees can grow to 125 feet tall at maturity, growing at a rate of 1 feet / year.
  • They have green leaves upto 8-inches long.
  • Older portions of the trunk is gray & rough, and the top of the tree portion is smooth and green.

Site Selection

We should be careful in selecting the site for the planting the tree. consider the tree's size of maturity is very important, so as you landscape too.

  • The landscape should be in way that it gives room to grow without interference.
  • The site / landscape should have proper sunlight to partially shady.

Requirements on moisture

Newly planted palms require watering every week until the tree establishes, approximately 3 months. Post that it many require to water the tree every 2 to 3 weeks depends on the weather.

Suggested Soil condition

Another important factor for good growth is the soil condition for planting the tree. It can be

  • Clay, Sand or Loam

Planting in soils with a pH of 7.5 or less promotes the best growth. But as long as soil is draining well, it wouldn’t be a worry.

Planting the Palm

  • It's always best to just plant in the native soil. Adding fertilizers might impact the root system in early stages.
  • The plant should be planted in a such a way that 3 feet diameter should be free from other vegetative growth so much the nutrients and water to root system will be excellent.
  • The hole / dig is suggested to be bit wider and deeper helps in losing the soil when the root grows.
  • Remove the burlap, if the root ball is covered with burlap.
  • Root ball should be placed straight, so that palm sits and grow straight.
  • Fill the hole back with halfway soil and add water to the hole to settle the soil. Ensure there is no pockets for air.
  • Water it again and continue the watering every week until the roots getting established.

Do not store treated / coated seeds for
more than 24 hours