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Cocopeat Grow Bags

Cocopeat grow bags, gardening bags
Cocopeat grow bags, gardening bags

Cocopeat Grow Bag Slabs

Coco peat grow bag consist of slabs that are made of coco peat blended with husked chips. They are built in different sizes and forms which are covered by UV treated bags. The grow bags consist of plant holes, drip holes and the drainage holes in it to provide an easy intake of nutrients and water.









We can also customize the shape of the planting holes in different forms like circles and square according to our needs. The main usage of this grow bag slabs is, it reduces the usage of water and according to the crop Low EC or High EC Coco peat grow bag slabs can be selected.

Grow bags are massively used in greenhouses and have become a popular choice for multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits & flowers. They became extensively popular a decade ago as farmers realized that with the use of grow bags, they don't need to change the soil every time, the plants do not get infected as they never need to touch the soil, and that they keep the greenhouse clean. Since they are used in greenhouses, the crops can be grown any time of the year, and since the grow bags are easily changeable, they just have to get a new set for every harvest.

Cocopeat grow bags, gardening bags
Cocopeat grow bags, gardening bags


Size 97 x 16 x 4 cms
Expanded Size 100 x 17 x 15 cms
Weight 2.800 kgs
Poly Bags UV treated Polybag; Inner black and outer white
Packing 412 slab bags per pallet
Load ability 24 pallets in a 40ft HC container 9888 slab bags in a 40ft HC container

How does it work?

Coco peat grow bags majorly work as plant substrates for soil less cultivation, largely utilized in greenhouse cultivation, hydroponics and terrace gardening for growing vegetables like Tomatoes, Paprika, Cucumber, Bell pepper, Strawberries and cut flower production (e.g., Carnation, Rose, Lisianthus, Gerberas, Chrysanthemum). It is mainly used in Horticulture and Floriculture.

How to use grow bags?

1. Placing holes in Grow Bags

2. Run water through the Grow Bags

3. Make adequate Drain holes in the bags to let the excess water out

4. Finally, add fertilizer

Do not store treated / coated seeds for
more than 24 hours

Cocopeat grow bags, gardening bags
Cocopeat grow bags, gardening bags

Coco peat Grow bags are also available in different mixes:

1. 100% of cocopeats are exported.

2. Cocopeat blended with husk chips is available.

3. Cocopeat blended with coir cut fibres is sold.

4. Cocopeat blended with Neem cake powder is manufactured.

*The coco peat grow bag slabs are available in different sizes and will be customized based on crops for cultivation and as per the buyer requirements.